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Help us reach everyone 12 years old and up with life-saving education this year. We can’t do it without you!

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On July 16, 2014, after just ONE HIT of a “legal" synthetic poisonous drug, commonly known as “spice," our bright and vibrant 19 year-old son, Connor Reid Eckhardt, abruptly and unexpectedly died. In the weeks and months to come, we learned that synthetic drug use and even deaths among young adults and kids is growing at epidemic rates now and in recent years.

Literally millions of people have told us their hard stories over the past year — stories of loss, fear, dismay and frustration — of their horrible encounters with synthetic drugs and their shock that something so deadly and destructive is so readily available.

These drugs are invading our communities and killing or permanently and seriously injuring people every day. The recent and growing scourge of these deadly synthetic drugs demands that something must be done.

We have embarked on a mission to educate and warn other families about the deadly side effects and risks associated with synthetic drugs. Our goal is to reach every person 12 years old and over thoughout the world with Connor's life-changing story — to empower them with information about synthetic drugs and encourage them to make better decisions.

We are going to meet people where they are: on line, in school, in church, and in their communities. Helping them understand that every life matters, in particular, their lives matter.

We simply can't let this killer rob us of another bright soul the way it took Connor.

Join us and help save a generation.